Maintenance services

Effective maintenance, surveillance and in-service inspection (MS&I) are essential for the safe operation of a petro chemical plants. They ensure not only that the levels of reliability and availability of all plant structures, systems and components (SSCs) that have a bearing on safety remain in accordance with the assumptions and intent of the design, but also that the safety of the plant is not adversely affected after the commencement of operation.


The objectives of the surveillance programme are: to maintain and improve equipment availability, to confirm compliance with operational limits and conditions, and to detect and correct any abnormal condition before it can give rise to significant consequences for safety.


Diligent provides direct support to asset operations, co-ordination and monitoring of all inspection activities on process facilities, structures and fabric maintenance for asset operations. We have the source of well trained API, CWB and NACE inspectors at all levels.

Diligent plays vital role in plant surveillance inspection activities. Over the plant’s operating lifetime, the operating organization should examine SSCs for possible deterioration so as to determine whether they are acceptable for continued safe operation or whether remedial measures should be taken. Emphasis should be placed on examination of the pressure boundaries of the equipment systems, because of their importance to safety and the potentially severe consequences of their failure.

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