Construction services

Diligent, as a team we always want to work in a cooperating atmosphere with the owner, project stakeholders, designers, subcontractors and suppliers to accomplish a quality and timely project that will come to benefit everyone within the team.


  • Diligent provides the cost effective solutions to all your quality requirements. It may be welding, documentation quality issues. Our team of experienced inspectors or ready to provide their expertise at no time.
  • Our construction management delivers a direct partnership with the client. This method of management results in prompt scheduling, lower costs of design and construction, and less contractor-initiated change request due to document errors.

As a company we implement sustainable construction inspectors that delivers successful projects and makes it a commitment to ensure it happens. As a team we like to make sure that the team works cohesively together from start to finish, all working towards the same goal. We recognize there is a important balance between costs of sustainable construction and the urgent and long-term operation pay backs, we’re prepared to create a cost and benefit analysis that will aid in the sustainable goal-setting process for your project.

Our team members are considered our most valuable asset to our company; which means safety is an important aspect to Diligent. We constantly developing new safety training programs and makes use of new safety methods to meet the needs of the industry and our workforce. Protecting our workers, customers, partners and the public.

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